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(rshsdepot) Cumberland, Maryland's Historic Station Roof Collapse

Via Gordy Bjoraker....


On Monday afternoon, tons of plaster fell from the ceiling of the main foyer
at the Western Maryland Station Center, damaging
everything beneath it. A copper-rimmed chandelier with a large, white dome
also fell and was destroyed. The incident took place at approximately 17:00
ET and triggered an automatic fire alarm, bringing a response from
Cumberland firefighters.

Ironically, the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad board of directors was on
the third floor of the building and heard the loud noise from the building
and immediately evacuated the building after the fire alarm sounded. As they
did so, plaster dust and debris filled the air, making it very difficult to
see what had transpired.

The section of ceiling that fell appeared to be about 15 feet by 25 feet.
Large blocks of the plaster rested on two water fountains attached to a
wall. A photograph of the B&O Railroad hung crooked on that same wall. There
were no displays or kiosks directly below the ceiling.

According to a WMSR official, it is likely that temporary housing
arrangements will have to be made for the sale of scenic
railroad tickets. The first train of the new year is expected to chug out of
the station on its way to Frostburg on Sunday.


End of RSHSDepot Digest V1 #41