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(rshsdepot) Tucson, AZ

-From the Altamomt Press Railroad Newsline...

Rail depot to receive makeover

Renovation of the historic downtown Tucson, AZ train depot is seen a key to
creating a travel hub and as an anchor for the planned Rio Nuevo
redevelopment project.

A ceremony Thursday marked the start of a federally financed $6.2 million
makeover that will restore the buildings to their 1941 condition. When
finished, travelers will see a spacious lobby and waiting area, a modern
baggage claim and a restaurant.

The depot facilities will be shared by Amtrak, Arizona Shuttle, Old Pueblo
Trolley and a planned high-speed train service. Office and retail space will
be available in adjacent buildings with a museum that will focus on railroad
history and will showcase Southern Pacific locomotive 1673. -THE ARIZONA
REPUBLIC, Larry W. Grant


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