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Re:(erielack) Coal trains to Portland cement, CNJ High Bridge

Hello Listmembers;

I've been away for a few days (at a family reunion in Chicago, where they
know how to run freight and commuter trains [LOTS of them] on the SAME
tracks!) and am delighted at the traffic on the list.

Of major interest to me are the discussions of Portland cement, and also the
CNJ High Bridge branch.

I don't think Lou's original question was ever answered regarding the coal
shipments to the Portland area. Lou, there are others out there that are far
more knowledgable than I, but from your comments, it sounds like you were
witnessing coal movements that may have been destined for the POWER plant at
Portland. I think the DL & W/EL received coal from the PRR/PC at
Northumberland, which was routed on the Bloom to Scranton.

There were, of course, coal movements to the cement plants as well. Trains
of Western Maryland coal went to Hercules Cement. Hope this helps your
query, Lou.

As regards the CNJ High Bridge branch, it has already been reported here
that there are NO obstructions to the right-of-way, at least in the borough
of High Bridge itself. I'm sure the NIMBY's would have a field day, but this
High Bridge resident would love to have trains back on the branch! Bring 'em

Jim Harr
High Bridge, NJ

From: VSX9000_@_aol.com
Subject: (erielack) Coal trains to Portland cement

Did the coal trains that went to the cement plant come off the PRR at Rupert
? Then go up the "Bloom" to Scranton and over the Poconos .



From: Robert John Davis <trains_@_robertjohndavis.com>
Subject: Re: (erielack) Coal trains to Portland cement


Which plant are you talking about, Alpha?

The LNE hauled a lot of B&O bituminous to the cement region.




  Don't know the name (Hercules maybe? ).  Just remember seeing "long"
of PRR, P&S, etc.... hoppers every so often eastbound through Gouldsboro.