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RE: (erielack) Meat / BD Tower

>   Also on it are advertisements from various businesses.  One 
> of them is "The Sturtevant-Larrabee Co., Carriage and Sleigh 
> Builders, Binghamton, NY" 
> with a small picture of their factory, with RR tracks going 
> along side it.
>   RH

Now, somebody's going to be curious, I expect.

In Binghamton, there were two Larrabee families, with no known direct relations.  There were,
according to my grandmother, Those Larrabees, and Us Larrabees.

Those Larrabees owned the carriage and sleigh works.  Not Us Larrabees.  Us Larrabees were involved
with IBM in Endicott.

I think I have this chronology right:  The sleigh and carriage works became a truck manufacturing
company, making heavy duty trucks, and fire trucks under the Larrabee name.  Eventually, they merged
with Reo, so it became Larrabee-Reo.  Later, that was just plain Reo.  That went into Diamond Reo,
which I believe still exists.  [There is also one other truck name involved here that I can't recall
right now.]

List content. The Sturevant-Larrabee company certainly did use the Erie to get materials and to ship


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