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RE: (erielack) Re: NYS&W

This is the round end dome, this is ex CB&Q 360 named Silver View.  This was
sold in 2001.  Never was an Auto Train.


And this is ex UP 9002- now called the "Popemobile" NYS&W 509.  This is ex
Auto Train.


This is still currently on the roster.


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Subject: (erielack) Re: NYS&W

I'm referring to a stainless steel streamlined round-tail observation car 
with a short vista dome on the top, not the full length ex-Auto Train dome 
cars.  In fact I think this car is the one referred to as the "popemobile". 
So far as I know, and the new releases from Walthers agree with me, those 
cars were originally Great Northern (or Santa Fe), not CB&Q.  I was in that 
dome-obs car a few years ago when a triangle trip was run - bus to Utica and

train Utica-Chenango Forks-Syracuse.

I don't have a firm source for any of the ownership details, just being in 
the Syracuse area and knowing various CNY Chapter members, I'm repeating 
what they've said to me.   Most of them did know Mr. Rich personally, so I 
have no reason to doubt what they say - but I can see where by the time it 
gets to be 3rd or 4th hand someone might question it.

Bill K.

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> Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 15:25:06 -0400
> From: "Joshua" <mail_@_joshuakblay.com>
> Subject: RE: (erielack) Re: NYS&W
> The last CB&Q dome the NYS&W had, if not the only one, left the property 
> c.
> 2001.  This was the round end dome car.  They had former ATSF super domes
> which were sold in the late 1980s for Alaskan service.  They in turn have
> been replaced and were recently for sale.  Wonder what become of them. 
> The
> only dome the NYS&W has now is a former UP dome car that was former Auto
> Train and was converted into an inspection car, called the Popemobile for
> fun.  The NYS&W has various cars right now on the property, and I know 
> know
> not owns what, whether it is owned by the company, CSX and/or NS, or the
> estate of Mr. Rich.  These cars include a diner or two, two former NS
> excursions purchased after the cessation of their steam program, an HEP
> power car, a bilevel or two, the Popemobile, and Otto Kuhler heavyweight
> car, and some other cars.
> Joshua
> http://www.joshuakblay.com
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> From: Walter Smith [mailto:wsmith5957_@_hotmail.com]
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> Subject: RE: (erielack) Re: NYS&W
>   Bill, U refer to the CB&Q' domes...........actually, many if not most of
> the domes (altho originally CB&Q) came from the (old) Auto-Train and ran 
> in
> their colors when Mr. Rich first purchased them. I wrote to Mr. Rich that 
> I
> felt a kinship to him in that I worked on the S&U Div'n; then the old
> Auto-Train; and our psgr. cars wound up on the RR that I'd worked on many
> years ago. I recieved a nice 2-page letter in reply & felt it was 
> thoughtful
> for a guy trying to run a RR to take time to answer my letter.
> Regards,
> Walt Smith> From: pontiac_@_dreamscape.com> To: erielack@lists.Railfan.net>
> Subject: (erielack) Re: NYS&W> Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 06:59:23 -0500> >
> There should still be 4-5 ex-LIRR coaches, a couple of ex-NS cars, that >
> ex-NH diner, and a few other assorted cars still belonging to the NYS&W. A

>  >
> couple of the cars (the former CB&Q dome obs I believe) belonged to Walter

>  >
> Rich personally.> > The CNY NRHS has like three different fall excursions
> planned, including > Finger Lakes trips during the Train Fair.> > It 
> should
> be noted that Onondaga County paid for the overhaul of the RDCs > used in
> the Ontrack service, and I believe they are the actual owner of > them.> >

>  >
> As to the Maple Festival trips, the primary key to their continuation is 
> the
>> ultimate disposition of the railroad itself. Those trips have been so >
> successful for so long I am sure the chapter will find a way to continue >
> them if whoever runs the railroad doesn't want to do it themselves; 
> they've
>> leased the N!
> YS&W's cars in the past for trips and do so now since selling > the 4
> coaches they had, I'm sure cars from another source could be found.> > > >
> Bill K.> > ----- Original Message ----- > >> >>From Archives_@_Railfan.net> 
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> RE: (erielack) Fan Trip On Ex DLW Syracuse Branch> >> > Todd,> >> > It is 
> my
> understanding that the NYS&W passenger equipment is up for sale > > or> >
> will be soon. If it goes I do not think the Maple Fest trains will > >
> continue.> 

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